How It Works

Q: What does it cost?
A: After purchasing a property in the park, you are responsible for paying your annual association fee (currently $500/year), property taxes (depends on your improvements - check with the town), and water/sewer fees (around $90/month).  Unlike renting, ownership can have tax advantages -- consult your tax professional for details.  Multiple lots can be owned, but fees & taxes are applicable to each lot.

Q: What utilities are available?
A: Electrical service is available at each lot through Rochester Gas & Electric, and telephone service is available through Verizon.  Cable TV is available through Spectrum.  Many lots can also receive signals from satellite services. Cell phone coverage in the park is variable.  Wired internet is available in Entress Hall.

Q: What about property maintenance?
A: All owners are required to maintain their properties, but assistance is readily available for hire.

Q: What about visitors?
A: You are welcome to entertain visitors and share your property and association facilities with them, subject to reasonable restrictions. 

Q: When is the park open?
A: The park is open from April through October.  Weather conditions dictate if water is available.  The park is closed off during the winter, so year-round residence is not available.

Q: Are there any limitations or restrictions on what I can do with my property in the park?
A: Yes.  Like any condominium association, restrictions are in place to assure the enjoyment of the park by all.  Additional restrictions have been placed on the properties by several governmental agencies.  Details are found in the "Blue Book" -- do not purchase a property in the park without first reading and fully understanding its contents.